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Heel Kim Hart
Over on Patreon, there’s a drawing every month for a, uh, drawing from me. Mayyday :iconmayydayy: got the drawing for November and he asked that I draw fan favorite and all around super cute Kim Hart…as a HEEL. Mayyday, I have under good authority, likes Alexa Bliss who these days is channeling a little Harley Quinn. HQ being a popular one these days thanks to Suicide Squad, but even before that. Another villainess become even more popular thanks to the Flash is Killer Frost, so I thought I’d have Kim Hart channel her inner Killer Frost and this is what I came up with. Enjoy!

My wrestling webcomic, Rival Angels!

Rebecca Catfighter: Tooth And Nail Part 12
Both ladies intuitively went for each other’s hair and after a few head shakes from either, Megane kneed Rebecca in the stomach causing Rebecca to double over. When she tried to repeat the kneelift, Rebecca caught it, leaped forward and brought her weight down on Megane’s body in a huge crash of arms, legs and hair. Rebecca had a plan.

Megane moaned loudly and tried to shove Rebecca away. Past the point of exhaustion herself, Rebecca grabbed Megane’s hands and crisscrossed them over Megane’s own throat. Megane struggled weakly but she didn’t submit. Rebecca needed to end this fast. She was gassed and there was less than three minutes on the clock.

Rebecca shifted Megane’s arms, and for an instant almost lost control. She still had Megane’s arms crossed against each other, now over her head as if she were dancing. Then, Rebecca dropped her chest down over Megane’s face, attempting to smother a submission out of her.

Rebecca didn’t know if she had a good seal because nothing happened. After ten seconds though, Megane started to buck and scream into her décolletage.

It was 11:43pm.

Rebecca pressed down with every last bit of energy she had and she could feel Megane wilting underneath her. The problem is that she couldn’t make out what Megane was yelling and with her hands tied up above her head, she didn’t know if Megane was tapping out. Rebecca was almost too exhausted to care and was happy to smother Megane out. She pressed down harder and Megane began to fade.

A minute later Megane laid still and with less than thirty seconds left, Rebecca kept her hold of Megane’s hands but lifted her chest off of her face. Megane was a sweaty mess with strands of her hair sticking to her face like humidty on a muggy day. Her eyes were unfocused and her breathing shallow. She was barely conscious but was aware of Rebecca looming over her. Rebecca looked Megane in the eye.

“You want more?”

Shaking her head, Megane croaked, “No. I’m done. You win, Becky.”

It was 11:45pm.

It took a minute for it to register. She had won her first catfight! Even though she’d be sore for days and was utterly exhausted, she hung on to the feeling like a favorite blanket.

Fight Record: 1-0-0


My wrestling webcomic, Rival Angels!

Rebecca Catfighter: Tooth And Nail Part 11
Both women were exhausted and they both knew it. Rebecca was breathing heavy, her hands just short of resting on her knees. Megane’s face and torso were bright red. Rebecca thought that this might go down, schoolyard style. The first one who hits first wins.

Megane offered, “We could just call it a draw. I mean, you’re obviously tired.”

“Nope,” replied Rebecca. “This is it, winner takes all.”

“You’re such a stupid bitch”

“Wow, you just took my line. Now you ruined the surprise.”

It was now 11:41pm.

Rebecca could see the loathing in Megane’s eyes. If a moment before she wanted to walk away, all trace of that was gone. This time Megane charged towards Rebecca and this had turned into a different kind of fight.

My wrestling webcomic, Rival Angels!


I’ll be taking a short break at the end of December and this is a great time for YOU to share some Rival Angels Fanart! If it’s got any of the Rival Angels characters, it’ll go up! Pictures, images, stories, etc.  Deadline is December 19th!

Thanks everyone!! :)

Rebecca Catfighter: Tooth And Nail Part 10
“I went easy on you that time. It won’t happen again.” Rebecca could see that for the first time, Megane was really frustrated. Good. She’d need to use that to her advantage if she was going to at least tie it up. Rebecca was behind 2-1 and with less than ten minutes, she’d have to stop reacting and actually start thinking. Another thing working against Rebecca is that her tank was nearing empty. After taking a beating for fifteen minutes, she needed to end this fast.

“You’re so full of shit,” Rebecca fired back. “You did almost have me, but you screwed up and now I’m in your rear view mirror. Tell me, how’s your tummy holding up?”

Without thinking, Rebecca saw Megane touch her waist and then quickly went to her hair. “It’s no big. I’m going to-“ but she was cut off when Rebecca advanced towards her. Megane’s back hit the wall and she instinctively brought her knee up to protect her midsection. Rebecca grabbed Megane’s protecting knee and trapped it between Megane’s other leg and Rebecca’s body. Then, Rebecca pressed her right arm into Megane’s right shoulder, leaving the blonde’s midsection so wide open, she could write the lyrics to Rhianna’s ‘Love Song,” and still find room under her belly button.

Rebecca unleashed the heavy artillery into Megane’s midsection. Megane cried out in pain and tried to escape her tormentor’s hold with no luck. “Give up,” demanded Rebecca, but Megane wasn’t cooperating. Rebecca grabbed a handful of wavy blonde hair and yanked Megane into the center of the mats and shoved her face down.

As Megane tried to get up, Rebecca stood over her prone opponent, placed her foot into the small of her back, grabbed both wrists and pulled back in an excruciating standing surfboard. Megane gritted her teeth but the pain was as obvious as the sky was blue. Sensing that this would not be the hold that would secure a second submission, Rebecca changed it up. She pulled back on Megane’s arms so that her chest was off the mat and then drove her foot into her back, like she was squashing a bug. Megane’s face and body bounced off the mat, leaving her dazed.

Wasting no time, Rebecca turned Megane over onto her back. Megane was still too stunned to effectively fight back and before she knew it, Rebecca had wrapped her legs around her left arm, laid her body across Megane’s chest and secured her right arm with her hands. Megane was flat on her back caught in a crucifix and once again, her body lay wide open.

Rebecca used her left hand to hold down Megane’s left hand and proceeded to drop punches into Megane’s exposed torso. “This is actually something I thought of ahead of time,” confided Rebecca. Megane’s grunts were getting louder with every punch. Rebecca decided to change it up and get a little payback by alternating between breast squeezing and breast punching.

“AGH, Stop it, you-“ Megane howled before getting cut off by Rebecca. “Are you giving up, ‘Miss Pelletier?’”

Rebecca put everything she had into pounding, squeezing and punching Megane’s torso and after forty-five excruciating seconds, Megane finally coughed up her surrender. “Fine, I tap, stop, get OFF!”

Rebecca turned back to look into Megane’s pained face, put both hands on her opponent’s chest and pushed herself up, Megane suitably grunting underneath.

The score was even, tied at two-up. Five minutes and one fall to decide this hard fought contest.

My wrestling webcomic, Rival Angels!


I’ll be taking a short break at the end of December and this is a great time for YOU to share some Rival Angels Fanart! If it’s got any of the Rival Angels characters, it’ll go up! Pictures, images, stories, etc.  Deadline is December 19th!

Thanks everyone!! :)


Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
I'm an artist always trying to get better.

Check out my wrestling webcomic RIVAL ANGELS! It's about 4 sassy girls trying to make it into pro wrestling.
My wrestling webcomic, Rival Angels!

Also check out my Patreon page where I have sketches, process and other fun things.




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I understand that you want to post other people's drawings on your site? You have my permission to post that drawing that I made for you earlier with your Sabrina and my Cometa.
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Thank you very much, and I will do so. I will post it between the 21st and the 30th of this month. I'll let you know when I do post it, and I will provide a link to your DA account with the posting. :)

Thanks again!
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Charlierock2 Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Do you remember when we were talking about the anime "Wanna Be the Strongest in the World" and you were saying that the main character's losing streak was a bit crazy? Well, I was doing some reading at work and spotted a couple of times a rookie had this losing streak going. You'll never guess who one of them was; Leon! As in Ray and Leon. She debuted with a sixty match losing streak.

I think it seems like a crazy long losing streak to us because despite our best wished 50-50 booking has still somehow took root in our Western Wrestling culture.
albonia Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
I suppose it's all relative and realistic if you take into consideration all of the house shows and stuff, and the fact that it's scripted, obviously. In Wanna Be The Strongest, Sakura was in legit combat wrestling and while I get the culture is like, hey you need to suffer through this before you can get better, it seemed like it was a bit much.

But very cool find! I've enjoyed Ray and Leon's work in SHIMMER. :D
Charlierock2 Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I was pretty surprised. I knew there were some joshi that had horrible losing streaks as a rookie but never thought it would be someone as accomplished as her.
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Thanks for the fave! :heart:

Paige VanZant fanart contest submission by mayydayy
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Thanks for the watch!  I've been watching your stuff for years.
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